Ideal Women Clothing To African Safaris 2019

Ideal Women Clothing To African Safaris 2019

We're going to Africa in August and can't wait to go back on Safari. We've been lucky enough to go on African Safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Botswana. 
Dave and I have learned a lot about dressing right for safaris around the world and here's our tips and tricks for what to wear on safari in Africa. 
what to wear on safari
Deb's ready for a safari anywhere
When watching the Indiana Jones or The Mummy movies, I loved the way that everyone dressed for the part. They looked like adventurers. And when going on safari we want to look like an adventurer too.

What to Wear on Safari 

A safari is definitely a grand adventure. But dressing right isn't only for looks, there are practical reasons people carefully choose what to wear on safari. From keeping cool, to blending in, your khakis will be put to the test on the African plains and within the lodge.
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Our safari hats, shirts and sunglasses protect us from the African sun
Cheers from the Serengeti

Watch the video here! How to Prepare and Pack for an African Safari

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1. Dress in Neutral Colours

Wonder why everyone dresses in khakis when going on safari? Well, it's because you want to blend in with your environment. Especially if you're going on a walking safari. Chances are, if you book a multi-day safari, you will be walking at one point or another. We've even ridden horses on safari. The more you blend in with your surroundings the better chances you have of not disturbing the wildlife.
what to wear on safari dave and deb
Dressing comfortably for our African Safari

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Suggested Safari clothing:


2. Cover Up!

what to wear on a safari prince charles
Prince Charles knew how to dress for a safari
When going on safari, it's important to protect your skin from the elements. We've faced immense heat while on safari in Africa and South East Asia. Although your first instinct may be to wear shorts and a T-shirt, you are better off wearing long sleeves and long pants that are lightweight and breathable.
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dressing right for a safari
Dress in neutral colours and blend in like the wildlife does
Staying covered up not only protects you from the sun, it also keeps the bugs away. You have a better chance of not being bitten by mosquitoes if you are covered from head to toe. There are even clothes out there that have UV protection and repel insects, BugsAway Products are good.
Light colours will also help keep the bugs at bay. They are attracted to dark colours (probably because they blend in with the dark) so keep with the beige, light green and khaki colours to scare off tsetse flies and mosquitoes.

3. Safari Shirts

safari shirts in africa
Dave is comfortable in the Africa heat
I prefer button down tops made of microfibre or Ankara styles material. Flowing fabrics can be cooler in the stifling heat than bare skin. Having a collar will protect the back of your neck from the sun and long sleeves will keep your arms from burning.
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4. Safari Pants

african safari packing
A lot of people don't like the look of convertible pants, but the zip off options are perfect for a safari. Many times on safari you'll be going out at the crack of dawn. Mornings can be quite cool in the jungle or on the Savanna so having the option to take layers off when the weather warms is important. You could even wear one of Yomi Casual designs as have been worn by other tourists to African safaris.
I start the morning in pants and then as the temperature rises, I can zip off the bottoms and turn my pants into instant shorts. Once again, make sure the safari pants are lightweight and breathable. You don't want anything like denim or heavy fabrics.
5. Safari Shoes
how to pack for a safari
Our Tanzania tour

Lightweight hiking shoes are a great option for safaris. Even when staying in the most luxurious lodges, you'll be in the middle of nature. We're fans of Keen or Merrell mid-ankle waterproof hiking boots. They're light, comfortable and have sturdy support. Make sure you break them in before you go. You don't want to be stuck with sore feet and blisters while trying to enjoy Africa.

For the ladies bring a pair of nice travel slippers for eating in the lodge and flip flops are always a good option as well for bumming around camp. If you are actually camping, Crocs or similar shoes are another good choice because you can wear socks with them and they slip on and off easily.
Men should also have a smart pair of shoes for the lodge. It's not imperative, but it is nice to change out of your hiking shoes after a long day on safari.


We just returned from a safari in Tanzania and found that our Keen whisper sandals (for men us this link) worked great. Our feet were cool in the truck but our toes were closed to keep our feet safe from bumps and bruises.
safari shoes keen sandals are a good option
Loved these keen sandals.

Let's take a short break and watch our Big Five Safari in Kenya!


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