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Ideal Women Clothing To African Safaris 2019

Ideal Women Clothing To African Safaris 2019
We're going to Africa in August and can't wait to go back on Safari. We've been lucky enough to go on African Safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Botswana.  Dave and I have learned a lot about dressing right for safaris around the world and here's our tips and tricks for what to wear on safari in Africa. 
Deb's ready for a safari anywhere When watching the Indiana Jones or The Mummy movies, I loved the way that everyone dressed for the part. They looked like adventurers. And when going on safari we want to look like an adventurer too. What to Wear on Safari A safari is definitely a grand adventure. But dressing right isn't only for looks, there are practical reasons people carefully choose what to wear on safari. From keeping cool, to blending in, your khakis will be put to the test on the African plains and within the lodge. Disclosure: We use Amazon affiliate links in this post 
Cheers from the Serengeti Dave …